Frequent Asked Questions​

Do you have any question? Look at the answer here!

If you can’t find the answer to your problem in this section don’t hesitate to contact us.

I had some problems with the app and it was removed from Google Play. Sadly it wasn’t possible to backup the in app purchases for the users that paid in the previous app and I’m very sorry for that. Please write me on my email or join the Telegram group for more support.

Help us translating ChatCraft in your language! Contact me on carrara.dev@gmail.com , you can also use the form in the Contact us section.

I constantly add new features, so this list might miss some of them:
• Make small movements and see your character move in the mini-map
• Receive notifications when a particular word is received
• Option to move automatically every two minutes (useful for afk)
• Option to automatically reconnect when disconnected (useful for afk)
• Navigate through sent messages
• Option to enable chat logs
• Unlimited number of servers and accounts
• Access and click your inventory (useful to navigate in some servers)

You won’t see ads and you will be able to remove sponsored servers and disable “I join using ChatCraft” message.

“All in one” is the sum of “Pro features” and “No-Ads” at a convenient price.

Make sure you entered your email instead of the username, you have ticked the checkbox “Are you Premium?” and also make sure you typed your password correctly.

To use ChatCraft on those devices you just have to install an Android Emulator, such as BlueStacks.

No we don’t have one.

You can find detailed answers in the faq of the playstore. Here is where.

ChatCraft for iOS is ready! Download it now!

There’s no way to do that sadly. They are separate platforms and separate apps. Google and Apple have no builtin way to do that, and it would be too hard to verify purchases and transfer them by hand.

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