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You will have complete control over your in-game inventory! You will be able to left click and right click items in your inventory, open inventory windows! This is extremely useful to access server's modalities!

Movement and Gravity

Some servers require you to enter portals to enter a modality. ChatCraft offers to make small movements without having to worry of ending up flying in the air!


ChatCraft will render a height map of a 48*48 blocks area! You will be able to have an idea of where you are going! This function can be disabled if you prefer to save battery.

Advanced AFK

ChatCraft is optimized to run AFK if you follow some simple tips! It also offers to automatically reconnect, send commands and move at configurable delays, to prevent being kicked!

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Hear what they told about Us in the playStore comments!

"The single most USEFUL Minecraft client app EVER! Instantly bought the Pro version. No flaws!!"

August 23, 2019
"I really enjoy the app! I can connect to my favorite servers and chat. This app also supports inventory click and movement. What I like the most are the afk features: I can enable to automatically reconnect when it disconnects and it can move the player every 2 minutes to prevent being kicked for inactivity! It easily can stay connected for the whole night when I acquire the wakelock Great work Carra, keep it up!"​
March 16, 2019
"After trying many different apps, I'm just glad I came across ChatCraft. Very smooth, never crashes, and does what it intends on doing. I would recommend downloading the app and purchasing the Pro version. A straight 5 without hesitetion."
April 28, 2019

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